How to Beat the Heat on the Farm

Some like it hot, but cows do not! Did you know that dairy cows cannot sweat? And unlike dogs, their capacity to pant isn’t enough to keep them cool. Cows are large and weigh at least 1,500 pounds, which can create a lot of body heat. That’s why dairy cows prefer cooler temperatures ranging from 55-65°F. So, how does a dairy farmer make sure cows stay cool during hot summer weather?

The County Fair is the Place to Be!

Guest blogger, Christa Ealy, is the 2018-2019 Mercer County Dairy Princess

This summer, the county fair is the place to be! There are many activities, games, food and fun. Don’t forget to visit all the animals, especially the dairy cows and calves. As you walk through the barns, you’ll have many opportunities to learn about dairy cows and where your milk and other dairy foods come from.

Summer Days at the County Fair

Guest blogger, Bridget McConn, is the 2018-2019 Washington County Dairy Princess

Summer in Pennsylvania means hot days, green, growing corn, and for ag kids, county fair! A week out of the summer that my family and I look forward to every year. A whole week spent at the local fair, seeing friends, exhibiting the projects that we worked so hard on and even enjoying some tasty fair food!