Calving Corner Feature

The Calving Corner is back at Farm Show for year two! The Calving Corner is a live dairy cow birthing center that offers a unique opportunity to witness the miracle of life, see cows and newborns up close, and learn more about how Pennsylvania’s dairy farmers work hard every day to responsibly care for their animals and be conscientious stewards of the land and environment. We’re proud to help sponsor this important exhibit!

How to Beat the Heat on the Farm

Some like it hot, but cows do not! Did you know that dairy cows cannot sweat? And unlike dogs, their capacity to pant isn’t enough to keep them cool. Cows are large and weigh at least 1,500 pounds, which can create a lot of body heat. That’s why dairy cows prefer cooler temperatures ranging from 55-65°F. So, how does a dairy farmer make sure cows stay cool during hot summer weather?

Should You Thank a Farmer?

Guest blogger, Jessica Peters, is a 5th generation dairy farmer in northwest Pennsylvania.

Autumn is upon us and with it everything just gets busier. Kids go back to school while pumpkin spice oozes out of every restaurant, café, and department store. Then all of a sudden, it’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and before you know it, that one radio station that becomes all Christmas music around the holidays is back and you can’t believe it’s December.