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Dairy Farming; Not in My Blood but in My Heart

Guest blogger, Casandra Blickley, is the 2017-2018 Pennsylvania State Alternate Dairy Princess

“So where is your family’s dairy farm?” The question always makes me nervous, particularly when it comes from someone in the dairy industry. When I respond, “I actually didn’t grow-up on a family dairy farm,” I can see the shadow come over the questioner’s face and can see my credibility become null because I was not born a dairy farmer’s daughter.

Five Reasons Why Dairy Farmers are Amazing

During your weekly grocery shopping trip, have you ever stopped to think about all the hard work that it takes to get those delicious foods on the shelf? Unfortunately, many people don’t! Without farmers, many of those food wouldn’t be available to us. And, without dairy farmers, we wouldn’t have cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and of course, milk! We think that is amazing. Here are five more reasons we think dairy farmers are amazing.